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Payments & Rules

Bank account details

  • Agenzia Acenter
    Bank Banca San Biagio del Veneto Orientale
    IBAN: IT90E0890436291051001005301
  • Acenter s.n.c.
    Bank Banca Credito Cooperativo Friuli sc
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Rental terms and conditions

  • The reservation is considered valid for the Agency upon receipt of the deposit in the amount of 30% -40% of the total amount of the stay. The amount must be paid by bank transfer or postal order specifying the reason for payment (condominium and reserved period).If within 3 days of the requested date the deposit will not be received, the reservation will be canceled. The rental balance must be paid upon arrival. Once the balance has been paid, the Agency will provide the keys for the reserved accommodation. The tenant who will not occupy the apartment by 10.00 am the following day, without notice, is intended as a resignee. Entry into the accommodation will not take place before 4:00 pm. The exit must be within 10.00 am of the last day of renting by handing over the keys to the office within this time.
  • DISPOSAL - For no reason the deposit will be returned. If the applicant is forced to cancel the booking, he must give notice at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the stay. Otherwise, if the Agency fails to rent the apartment to others, the applicant is also required to pay the remaining amount to the balance of the agreed rent.
  • The number of people who will find hospitality in the apartment must not exceed the number of beds indicated in our offer. In this respect children are also considered as adults.
  • It is recommended above all to withdraw from the terrace or from the garden (where provided) the chairs and tables whenever the apartment remains unattended. Any damaged items must be replaced. Complaints regarding housing status and inventory will only be accepted within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Pets can be brought with them only if previously authorized according to the rules of each house
  • Please observe the common rules relating to the stillness of silence, especially during the afternoon and night hours. Failure to comply with the above will result in immediate termination of the contract, at the simple request of the agency.
  • To bring with you: sheets, towels and linen.
  • It is forbidden to throw cumbersome objects into the drains: sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, etc. especially sand coming back from the beach. The removal of the aforementioned discharges remains with the Sigg. Clients. Tenants are asked to use closed bags for rubbish and deposit them in the appropriate bins on the street.
  • The tenant is asked to take the utmost care of the apartment; any damage to the property or furniture will be charged to the list prices
  • The agency is authorized to examine the state in which the apartment is located and to control the number of people living there.
  • The apartments are furnished complete with fridge, gas stove, hot and cold running water. Each bed has a blanket and a pillow.
  • The tenant must provide for sheets, tablecloths, iron and any additional blanket. It is not allowed to use stoves, electric cookers or fans. This Agency is only a mediator; the rental contract is stipulated between the owner of the apartment to be rented and the person concerned with the tenancy.
  • The Agency reserves the right to replace it with another in the event of unforeseen circumstances in the allocation of the reserved apartment. The request for a particular apartment (number, floor, orientation, etc.) will be taken into consideration without giving any guarantee.
  • The agency is not responsible for damage to persons or things due to accidents, thefts, loss, delays and more. It is also not responsible for damage caused by force majeure.Any request for compensation must be addressed to the owner through the Agency. The Agency will still provide its services to help solve any problems, provided that any claims for damages must be agreed directly on the spot. For any legal disputes, the only competent court is that of Venice.
  • We inform our kind customers that the staff authorized by the Agency can enter the apartments for any repairs or maintenance in your absence.
  • When booking, the renter expressly accepts all the above conditions.The photos shown in the catalog and on the website are only a generic type of the apartment or house in question.
  • The customer undertakes to leave the apartments in perfect order as of now. To guarantee the punctual respect of all the rules of conduct and maintenance and proper use of the apartments and rooms, the Tourist Company, and at its sole discretion, can ask the customer, at the time of collecting the keys, a deposit of € 100, 00 or more per apartment. This deposit is returned after ascertaining the good condition of the apartment.

Cleaning fee

The apartment must be left tidy (free from rubbish, bottles and boxes, with the inside shelves of the clean furniture, with the dishes washed and the refrigerator empty and defrosted leaving the door open), otherwise the cleaning costs will be charged

Not included in price

The price does not include the tourist tax, scheduled for the period from May 1 to September 30, due for each person for accommodation from 4 years and is equivalent to € 0.75 per night up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights